I am drawn to colour - bold and vibrant. Nature perfectly combines these ideas - colour and tones that are perfectly placed to harmonise and pop.

Ooh it's cold out there! At the time of writing this blog we are in the middle of a particularly cold snap. Even more so because it is only early June - just the beginning of winter - but already the temperatures are nearing zero in many areas and there has been so much rain. Now that the eateries are opening up again in this covid_19 environment what better reason to wander over to your favourite cafe and spend an hour with some friends catching up over a coffee and cake - socially distancing of course. There is a particularly delightful cafe in the Adelaide foothills in Belair called the Sheoak Cafe.

Positioned close to the Belair National Park, it is a favourite spot for cyclist, hikers and dog walkers. There's plenty of car parks and numerous separate areas for seating whilst still socially distancing. My favourite of course is the wood fire inside where it is always toasty warm and of course the lovely art work on display. The owner Michelle and her friendly team always support their local artists by offering wall space for hanging paintings. Oh and did I mention that my works are hanging there at the moment?. Yes, I have a collection of vibrantly coloured painting of varying sizes and prices to warm you heart and cheer your home. They will be showing at the Sheoak cafe from 2/6 until 13/7/20. So, if you get the chance or have an hour or so to spare call in to the Sheoak and say hi to Michelle from me. Cheers for now.




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