I am drawn to colour - bold and vibrant. Nature perfectly combines these ideas - colour and tones that are perfectly placed to harmonise and pop.

Here are just some of my paintings headed off to my latest exhibition. Yes, you heard right - exhibition. Now hang on, I hear you say, but we are in the middle of Covid-19 where galleries and venues and meeting places are all closed due to social distancing rules, so how can you be doing an exhibition? Well fortunately here in South Australia we are starting to open up some businesses and what better opportunity is there to provide some cheer and good will but by offering to hang beautiful artworks in these venues who are really doing it tough.



So when Silas from The Pantry On Egmont asked me if I could bring my exhibition dates forward I was delighted to oblige. Like many other cafe's The Pantry has valiantly been providing coffee and cooked meals for pick up. Whilst cafe's are reopening there are still very strict guidelines in place that significantly limit the number of customers allowed to sit and dine. I feel that it is even more important now to support and help one another get through this time so my contribution is to provide beautiful, vibrant paintings for both the Pantry team and the customers waiting outside to enjoy. I have called this art show " For The Love Of Colour". And although I am recognised largely for pastel paintings of the Australian outback this collection is a celebration of colour and how colour creates mood and emotion. From exciting reds and dynamic yellows to cool blues and monotones these paintings will suit every mood and add cheer and warmth to every home. So if you get the chance do pop down to The Pantry in Hawthorn, grab a coffee or a meal and be cheered by these paintings filled with colour and fun that will chase away the winter blues and Covid-19 stresses. Ask Silas for the price list and If you are interested in seeing more visit my website on www.janettehumble.com

Cheers for now,



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