I am drawn to colour - bold and vibrant. Nature perfectly combines these ideas - colour and tones that are perfectly placed to harmonise and pop.


Thank you for stopping by! To appreciate an artists work I think it helps to firstly know a little about the artist.

I was a classical musician in a previous life and my work is infused with movement and colour. Some say that my paintings are edgy, vibrant, emotive and expressionistic. I try to capture snippets and impressions of the world as life flashes by and I exaggerate colour and perspective to portray the emotion, humour or drama felt at that moment. I am a people watcher and animal stalker and lover of the great Australian outback. Read more about me....


I particularly enjoy painting commissions and hearing the stories behind them. It is such a beautiful, totally unique gift for a loved one or simply a memory of a special time. A painting that no one else will have but which will last you forever. Many of my commissions are of a loved family pet - it is a perfect way to celebrate their life and love for you.

I will require a three or four good quality photographs that show good light and are not blurred and for animal portraits they need to be especially clear around the eyes and facial features. A few words about their personality or the memory of the day adds another depth.

Commissions are matted and wrapped ready to be framed. If it is preferred for the painting to be framed please contact me re the cost and type of frame.

See my work...


Please note that pricing does not include shipping and handling costs. Please contact me via email to confirm the art piece you are interested in and the country/ region / state it needs to be shipped to. I will then advise you of the cost for shipping and handling based on the artpiece and shipping destination. When acceptance and payment has been confirmed your artwork will be carefully packaged and shipped via a reputable agent that handles"fine art" freight. Also bear in mind that paintings under glass can be removed and freighted matted and wrapped to reduce cost and paintings on canvas can be rolled and posted to reduce cost.


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